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I got the Italian habilitation to Associate Professor (ASN) from the Italian Ministry of the University and Scientific Research (MIUR) in two areas 09/H1 Information Systems and 01/B1 Computer Science respectively.
Our paper with the title “Automatic Saturation Correction for Dynamic Range Management Algorithms” has been accepted for publication into the Signal Processing: Image Communication Journal DOI.
I have delivered my Keynote Speech - JPEG XT: A New JPEG Compression Standard for HDR and WCG Images at EPCGI2017. PDF version of the presentation EPCGI2017.
Our paper with the title “High Dynamic Range Imaging Technology [Lecture Notes]” has been accepted for publication into the IEEE Signal processing Magazine with extremely high IF 9.64 DOI.
I got the I3 accreditacion from the Spanish Ministry of Education, and the Associate Professor habilitation from the Cataln quality system for the Universties (AQU).
Our Book with the title “Image Content Retargeting: Maintaining Color, Tone, and Spatial Consistency” is out and can be pre-order; here you can find the book-code for a 20% of discount on online orders.
Our paper with title "JPEG XT: A Compression Standard for HDR and WCG Images [Standards in a Nutshell]" is published in the March 2016 issue of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, IF 9.64.

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Dr. Artusi new position with a new website will be soon announced. Prior to that Dr. Artusi has a Ramon y Cajal Fellow at the University of Girona (Spain) with the Departament d´Informatica I Matemática Aplicada. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the Vienna University of Technology, in Computer Graphics, where he worked as a research associate in the Computer Graphics group from 2000-2005. He obtained his Msc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Mialno (Italy), in collaboration with the Italian National Council of Research (CNR) and the Hewlet Packard research laboratory of Barcelona (Spain).
Artusi has been also an ERCIM Research fellow in the 2007 at the Hungarian National Council of Research (SZTAKI). Prior to this, he has been Assistant Professor at Intercollege (now University of Nicosia) in Cyprus (2005 – 2006), then Research fellow at Warwick Digital Laboratory, University of Warwick in UK (2007 – 2009) and Researcher at the Cyprus Institute in Cyprus (2009 – 2012). Dr. Artusi has been receiving several awards and prizes such as the prestigious BSI Emerging Standards Maker Award released by the British Standard Institute, for his work on JPEGXT. He has also received the prestigious Ramon y Cajal accademic fellowship, the 1st Prize at the International Cyprus Enterpreneurship Competition CyEC, with a business idea on a novel High Dynamic Range display technology and the ERCIM Research fellowship in the 2007.
He is member of the MPEG and JPEG standards committees' (WG11 and WG1 respectively), as well as member of the IST/37, Coding of picture, audio, multimedia and hypermedia information, committee. He is the co-editor of Parts 2, 4, 5 and 7 of the new standard ISO/IEC-18477 JPEGXT for high bit depth still images. He is technology advisor for RISE Teaming project , and co-founder (ex-director) of goHDR spin-off of the Warwick University.
He is associated editor with the Journal of Graphics Tools (CRC Press) and the Journal of the Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers, board committe member of the HDRi cost-I1005 action, member of International programme committe’s and reviewer for major International conferences and journals. In the past he has also been member of the Extranet Forum for the European Defence Agency (EDA).
Artusi's main research interests are in the areas of High Dynamic Range Imaging, Image Processing applied on Computer Graphics and Colour Science. He is the author of the CRC Press book with the title “Image Content Retargeting: Maintaining Color, Tone, and Spatial Consistency” and co-author of the CRC Press book with the title “Advanced High Dynamic Range Imaging: Theory and Practice”, author or the co-author of more than 40 research publications, and holds 3 patents.

FEW WORDS ABOUT THE IMAGE!!!!! This image is a High Dynamic Range panoramic image acquired with a Spheron camera. Afterward, it has been tonemapped with the Rheinard et al TMO with key luminance of 0.10 (left window corner) and 0.2 for the other parts of the image. The center area, where the sun is located, shows the luminance dynamic range of the image in false color. A modified version of this image has been used as cover page for our book Advanced High Dynamic Range Imaging Theory and Practice.
It has been acquired during one of my trip to Bosnia-Erzegovina. For this I have to thank Prof. Serlma Razvic, Vedad Hulusic and some students for the wonderful hospitality and for accompanying me during the trip to Mostar. I have also to thanks Prof. Alan Chalmers for involving myself in the participation of a Master teaching in Computer Graphics at the Sarajevo Scool of Science and Technology.