PhD Alessandro Artusi
Team Leader
DeepCamera Group
Research Center on Interactive Media Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies


Ramon Y Cajal Fellowship.
Ramon Y Cajal is the most prestigious fellowship for young researcher in Spain, with an acceptance rate of 13.6% (in my case). During this fellowship period I am investigating the use of Image Processing techniques to be applied on several applications in Computer Graphics such as High Dynamic Range Imaging, Color2Gray, Color Correction, Edge Preserving, Energy Saving and many others. The fellowship has a duration of 5 years with an approximate total budget of 240,000 euros covering mainly the salary.

COST Action IC1005:HDRi: The digital capture, storage, transmission and display of real-world lighting.
The COST is a typical EU funding scheme for networking. I am participating in this COST action as member of the Management Committee, and we are investigating a new imaging technology named High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, for more detail see [Website]. The project has a duration of 4 years with an approximate total budget of 480,000 euros mainly used for networking.

In the past I have been involved in several projects either as Principal Investigator (PI) - Corghi Industry Spa Italy (3,000 Euros), TONEMAP RPF IPE PLHRO-1104-21 (175,000 Euros) ERCIM Alain Bensoussan fellowship (60,000 Euros), or Working Package Leader (WPL) - Linkscheem2 EU project, Real-Reflect EU IST Framework 6 (IST-2001-34744), MURST Tema 4 del Programma Nazionale di Ricerca e Formazione, or researcher - EPSRC UK-EP/D069874/1, EP/D032148/2, EP/E024998/2, EP/G001634/1 Feasibility study and Network ... towards Real Virtuality, PAVR-EU IST Framework 5 (FXMRX-CT96-0036), FWF contract n. P-13867-INF, ÖAD (Wissenschaftlich-Technischen Zusammen arbeit) Austria-Czech Republic, Austria-Spain, Olivetti Lexikon – CNR Italy.