PhD Alessandro Artusi
Team Leader
DeepCamera Group
Research Center on Interactive Media Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies


High Quality Rendering of Reflectance Data.
J. Meseth, G. Müller, M. Sattler, A. Artusi, A. Neumann, G. Zotti, R. Klein, W. Purgathofer
Full day tutorial, Computer Graphics International CGI.
June 2004.

Real-Time Tone Mapping
A. Artusi
PhD Thesis, Vienna Technical University
153 pp., April 2004.

An Interactive Perception Based Model for Characterization of Display.
A. Neumann, A. Artusi, G. Zotti, L. Neumann and W. Purgathofer
Proc. SPIE 5293, Color Imaging IX: Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications.
5293, pp. 232-241, ISBN / ISSN: 0-8194-5196-7, January 2004.
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Il problema della rappresentazione di una immagine nell’ambito dei beni culturali.
D. Marini, A. Artusi and A. Rizzi
Comunicazione Multimediale per i beni culturali, a cura di M. Rossi e P. Salonia, Ed. Addison Wesley.
ISBN 88-7192-176-3, 2003.

L’importanza del Colore in Computer Graphics.
A. Artusi
DDD Colour Evolution Journal.
2(5), pp. 1-10, June/September 2003.
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Novel Colour Printer Characterization Model.
A. Artusi, and A. Wilkie
Journal of Electronic Imaging.
12(3), pp. 448-458, ISSN 1017-9909, July 2003.
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Delivering Interactivity to Complex Tone Mapping Operators.
A. Artusi, J. Bitnner, M. Wimmer and A. Wilkie
Proceedings Eurographics Symposium on Rendering EGSR03.
pp. 38-44, ISBN 3-905673-03-7, June 2003.
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Colour Printer Characterization Using Radial Basis Function Networks.
A. Artusi and A. Wilkie
Proceedings Colour Imaging VI: Device-Independent Colour, Colour Hardcopy, and Graphics Arts, IST/SPIE, Electronic Imaging.
4300, ISBN 0-8194-3978-9, January 2001.
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